Bandwidth Monitor
File Inserter Transformation
By Allan Mitchell
Version 2005
Level Intermediate
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Now move on to the column properties tab. This is where it starts to get interesting and the GUI is not particularly helpful or intuitive.

In the following graphic we have expanded the Input Columns (What you get in) and the Output Columns (What you provide to dowstream components). Here you will need to add your own output column so highlight the Output Columns folder and click Add Column. Give the column a name.


It is very important here that you note the ID assigned to this column by the tool, in our case this is 204. Now highlight our input column colFileName in our Input Columns folder. Look across to the right hand side pane and locate a property called FileDataColumnID. Enter the ID of your column from the previous step in here.


This is the File Inserter transform part set up now. All that is left is to provide the SQL Server destination adapter with some data.

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