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File Inserter Transformation
By Allan Mitchell
Version 2005
Level Intermediate
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Add from your toolbox an OLEDB source adapter and set it to an already existing data source pointing to our database or drop down the combobox and it will allow you to create a new one. Choose our table that will hold the filenames as the source.

Add to the designer a File Inserter transform.

(NOTE: Books Online have this labelled as a File Injector transform)

Join the OLEDB source adpater to the File Inserter Transform by way of the green arrow.

Now add an SQL Server Destination adpater to the package and join that to the File inserter transform again using the green arrow. Do not do anything with the adapter yet as you will get a message telling you that there are no inputs yet. We are just about to deal with that now.

Open up the File Inserter Transform and move to the second tab. The first tab just contains the niceties. You should be looking at smething similar to this which is the input, your table, to the transform. Check the column as per the graphic

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