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How to export all tables in a database
By Darren Green
Version 2000
Level Intermediate

This is a very short article as it is really a demonstration of concepts explained elsewhere, although quite a useful implementation in it's own right. The export itself is done with the Bulk Export Task, and this is wrapped in a recordset driven loop as covered in the article How to loop through a global variable Rowset. The key to the simplicity of this package is that unlike the DataPump task, the Bulk Export Task does not need advance knowledge of the data structures involved, so we can simply enumerate through a recordset of our table names, updating the task properties, and allow the step to execute through normal workflow.

The sample package follows a similar format to the How to loop through a global variable Rowset example, so I haven't explained each step here in detail, but there are annotations that highlight the function of each task, and the presence of additional workflow script on the steps as appropriate.

Package Layout

Download the sample package here. This sample requires the Bulk Export Task to be installed before opening the package.