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Building a Package in the DTS Designer
By Allan Mitchell
Version 7.0/2000
Level Beginner

OK We've got our Source connection and our destination connection so all we need to do now is move the data between them. There's a couple of ways to do this and well just mention two.

1. The Transform Data Task Icon. In SQL Server 2000 if you look at the tasks you'll see a task which has a black arrow pointing into what looks a little like a flower. If you click this then you'll be prompted by your cursor to choose the Source and then the destination connections. Once you do this you'll see now a black line in between these connections

2. Selecting the Connections. This method works in both SQL Server 7 and 2000. Click the Source Connection. Hold down the CTL key and click the destination connection. They should now both be highlighted. Right click the Destination and you should see Figure 1.9.

Figure 1.9 Transform Data.

Tform Data

Select Transform Data