Bandwidth Monitor
Building a Package in the DTS Designer
By Allan Mitchell
Version 7.0/2000
Level Beginner

Figure 1.7 Text File Type.

Text FileDetails

1. File Type: Is the text file delimited or fixed width. Ours is Delimited

2. Row Delimiter: What delimits your rows of data? Most files will use {CR}{LF}. If you can't find what you want though you can just type it in.

3. Skip Rows: Skip the first n rows of data

4. First Row has Column Names: Useful for when the first row in your data is the column names

5. The pane at the bottom: Previews your Data File's data

6. Text Qualifier Specifies marks that are to be used to qualify text in the data file. If you do not see what you want in the options then type it in yourself

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