Bandwidth Monitor
Building a Package in the DTS Designer
By Allan Mitchell
Version 7.0/2000
Level Beginner

Tour Of Designer contd.

By far the busiest part of the screen is over to the left and as we can see it is split into two. The top section is where we can choose our connection objects.

Figure 1.3 Connections.


If you hover over a connection then you'll see the tooltiptext associated with the item pop up. Here you can see we're hovering over the Microsoft ODBC Driver For Oracle. The lower half of the split is where we find our tasks and again the tooltiptext shows when we hover over a task. Figure 1.4 shows the tasks and the tooltiptext for the Transfer Jobs Task.

Figure 1.4 Tasks.


We're not limited to getting connections and tasks from these two areas though. We can go up to the menus and selecty them from there. The names of the menus give away which one to look in. Now that we've had a look at what these things do let's put them to use.