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Building a Package in the DTS Designer
By Allan Mitchell
Version 7.0/2000
Level Beginner


DTS introduces some terminology that may be new to us so we're going to take a few minutes and look at defining some of these terms.

1. Package

A package is the top level in the DTS hierarchy. Everything else flows from it. It can be easily summarised as being a collection of DTS objects.

2. Step.

A step is as a container for a task. It holds not only the task but also the workflow associated with it.

3. Task.

A task is a piece of functionality within a package. It is what does the work.

4. Connection.

A connection is your link to a Data Source. You can use one of the Microsoft supplied ones or if you have the necessary drivers installed you can create your own DSNs and use them.

5. Transformation and Data Pump.

These are used interchangeably, albeit incorrectly, by people. The transfer Data task and a data pump are the same thing. They move data. A transformation is something within a data pump that maps a source column to a destination column.

6. Global Variable.

These are variables declared at the package level so you can set them to a value in one task and reference the Global Variable with that value in another.

7. Scripting Language.

Microsoft supply two scripting languages in DTS JScript and VBScript. If you have Perl on your Server then you can also use PerlScript. Microsoft claim that VBScript is around 10% faster than JScript which is about 10% faster than PerlScript. We would tend to agree with that.