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Building a Package in the DTS Designer
By Allan Mitchell
Version 7.0/2000
Level Beginner

Figure 1.13 Setup Transformations.


In figure 1.13 we can see that SQL Server has mapped a source column to a destination column. Each of these is know as a Copy Column Transformation. We do not have to stick with the ones that SQL Server gives us. If you click on one of the lines to highlight it and then right click on it you can delete it. If you then click the column in the Source table , keep your mouse button down and drag it over to the destination column then in SQL Server 2000 you'll see the screen in Figure 1.14. You do not have these options in SQL Server 7. You can however by choosing New ActiveX Script still create an ActiveX transformation between the two columns.

Figure 1.14 Transformation Type Choices.

Tform choices

For a complete description of what each transform type can do then we suggest you look in Books Online under transformations-DTS either that or select one and have a look at what the property sheet asks you and then look at the data afterwards.