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Importing A Text File Using The DTS Wizard
By Allan Mitchell
Version 7.0/2000
Level Beginner

Figure 1.9 Define Column Mappings And Transformations

Define Column Mappings And Transformations

On this screen we have a few choices to make. The button to create a new table is selected already. By default SQL Server assigns to our new table the exact same names as the columns in the text file with a character type of varchar and a length of 8000. This simply means that we would if we left it like this be able to fit character data into the column with a variable length but in no event exceeding 8000 characters. You have two choices with this. You can accept it, which is usually unsatisfactory or you can edit the table creation. Either does this using the Edit SQL button or do it by using the table underneath. As you can see we've chosen to use the table and defined the first column as an integer and modified the length of the rest to 50.

Click on the Transformations tab