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Importing A Text File Using The DTS Wizard
By Allan Mitchell
Version 7.0/2000
Level Beginner

Figure 1.15 Inside The Package

Inside The Package

We read the package in this case from right to left or to put it simply follow the arrows What can we see and what does it mean?.

1. The task that will create our new table. We need that to go first otherwise we won't have a destination

2. The blue chequered line between there and Connection1. Connection1 is our text file and the blue line means when the table has been created it should move on (On Completion)

3. Connection2 is the SQL Server connection. There is a black line between the text file and the SQL Server connections and all this means is that data is being moved between them in the direction of the arrow.


What we've done here is create a very simple DTS package using the wizard. Let's not take anything away from that though we need to build our skills up slowly and this is an excellent place to start.