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Importing A Text File Using The DTS Wizard
By Allan Mitchell
Version 7.0/2000
Level Beginner

Figure 1.11 Saving The DTS Package

Saving The DTS Package

On this screen we have a mountain of options. so let's go through some of them and look at what they may mean to us here.

1. Run immediately: by default this is checked but we have unchecked it here

2. Schedule DTS package: If we wanted we could schedule the package to execute later on.

3. Save DTS Package: Do you want to save it for later. We have chosen to save it and to SQL Server

If you're wondering what all the options are for where to save a package to then here's an explanation

Save to SQL Server: This saves the package in the msdb database

SQL Server Meta Data Services: This also saves the package to msdb but in the repository tables

Structured Storage File: This saves the package to an actual file that you can then copy anywheren on your file system

Visual basic File: This option is only available in SQl Server 2000 and it saves the package to a VB module file

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