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Using SQL Server DTS with Visual Basic: Resources and Known Issues
By Douglas Laudenschlager

INF: DTS Package Development, Deployment, and Performance (242391)
HOW TO: Run a SQL Server DTS Package from Visual Basic (315661)
INF: Execute a SQL Server DTS Package from Active Server Pages (252987)
HOW TO: Transfer Data to Excel by Using SQL Server DTS (319951)
Saving Packages
INF: ScriptPkg Tool Generates DTS Object Model Code to Help Use DTS Programmatically (239454)
FIX: Problems Saving DTS Packages to Visual Basic Files (293223)
PRB: Errors Occur When You Use SQL Server to Save a DTS Pkg (293164)
PRB: DTS Diagram Changes When DTS Package is Opened and Saved (249901)
FIX: User and Owner Password options are greyed out when saving (286268)
BUG: DTS Import/Export Wzd. Fails to Maintain Filegroup Setting (300192)
Error Handling
INF: How To Handle Errors in DTS Package and Step Objects (240221)
FIX: GetExecutionErrorInfo and OnError May Not Return All Errors (251229)
INF: How To Install DTS Event Handlers In Visual Basic (221193)
PRB: Error Message: ""Exception Access Violation 2147221499..." (271889)
PRB: DTS Package Hangs When You Run It as a Scheduled Job (318819)
HOW TO: Use DTS Package Events in Visual Basic .NET (321525)
BUG: DTS Package Execution Canceled Unexpectedly in VB App. (319058)
PRB: DTS Package Saved as .vb Can't Import Text-Delimited Data (320304)
Specific Tasks
PRB: Cannot Use DTS Events in VB with Execute Package Task (319048)
PRB: DTS Execute Package Task May Fail to Execute Child Package (299354)
FIX: DTSTransferObjects with Events Generates an Error Message (316331)