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Type Mismatch error when saving a local package
By Darren Green

  Package Error
   Error Source : Microsoft Data Transformation Services (DTS) Package.
   Error Description : Type Mismatch

This error will occur when trying to save a local server package with contains a global variable of type <other> or Variant. The most common cause of this is when using the Execute SQL Task and following the Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Books Online How to save an entire rowset into a global variable, where it describes creating a global variable of type <other>. If you try and save the package to SQL Server it will error as above. The type will have been changed to Variant, but it will still produce the same error if you try to save it again.

If you execute the package the variable will be changed to the correct type Dispatch which will allow you to save the package. Alternatively you can just leave the type as the default String and it will save and execute correctly.