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Open File Dialog Custom Task
By Darren Green

If you run packages manually and want the ability to select a file through a GUI, this is for you. This is a simple custom task that pops up a standard windows open file dialog box when executed. It assigns the chosen filename to a global variable for use within the package.

DescriptionType a description for the task. This description becomes the label on the design sheet.
Dialog TitleSpecify the text shown in the title bar of the run-time dialog.
Default FileSpecify a default file and path that will be selected when opening the run-time dialog for the first time. Optional.
FiltersAdd or Delete file filters from the list. The pipe character delimits between the display description and the actual filter.
Default FilterSelect the default file filter to be used by the run-time dialog.
Global VariableSpecify the global variable used to store the selected filename and path.

The Open File Dialog Custom Task is available for download here.

Version History

30 Dec 2002 v1.0.0.5 Minor bug fixes and tidy up
27 Aug 2001 v1.0.0.4 First Public Release

Design Time Task Interface

Design time task UI

Run Time Task Interface

Run time task UI